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Migrating From a Photos Library to a Media Pro 1 Catalog System 
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The following describes how to migrate a Photos library to a Media Pro 1 catalog system and retain the metadata, i.e. titles, keywords, descriptions and locations. 

1 - open the Photos Library and go to the Photos(Moments) view mode.
2 - use the key combination of Command + A to select all of the photos in the library.

3 - go to the File ➙ Export menu and select Export Unmodified Originals for XXXX Items
4 - in the Export window check the Export IPTC checkbox, select File Name = User File Name and Subfolder Format = Moment Name.
5 - create a folder on the volume where you want to store the original files for use by Media Pro 1.

6 - click on the Export button in the Export window. This will export each Moment to its own folder and will be named for the Moment with the date and location (if there is a location associated with the Moment.
9 - once the folders of image files have been imported into the catalog this is how to setup the catalog initially and what you’ll see.
There are a number of very good video/screencast Media Pro 1 tutorials at YouTube - Media Pro1.  I found them to be very helpful in navigating the learning curve for Media Pro 1.  
7 - each Moment folder will contain the orignal files and a corresponding XMP file which contains the metadata informatore for that file. Keep this file in the folder until after they have been imported into the Media Pro catalog.
8 - in the new MP1 catalog select the IPTC fields you want to be displaed in the left hand sidebar.