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No. QT01
Adding Audio Track to a Quicktime Movie With Quicktime Player 7 (Pro)
The following describes how to add an audio track to an existing Quicktime movie and syncing the slideshow to the length of the music.

1 - open the movie file with Quicktime Player 7.

2 - make a copy of the audio file to be used and also open it with Quicktime Player 7.

3 - bring the move window in QTP 7 to the front and type Command+A (Select All) so the control panel looks like this:

4 - type Command+C (Copy).

5 - bring the QTP 7 window of the audio file to the front.

6 - go to the File menu and select the "Add to Selection & Scale" option.

7 - the result will be this:

Note the title at the top of the QT Player window.  This indicates that the slideshow movie has been added to the audio track and scaled to the length of the music.  If it's done the other way around the pitch of the music will be altered due to the change of the time frame the music is forced into.  The pitch will either be higher, shorter time frame, or lower, longer time frame. 


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