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How to Create a "No Theme" iDVD Project
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Technically there cannot be an iDVD project without a them.  However, one can be simulated as follows:

1 - Launch iDVD and select a simple theme, one without an annimated menu nor a drop zone, like Brushed Metal, Parchment, Photo Album or Graphite:

2 - Type Command + i to bring up the Menu Info window.

3 - Create a blank, black image file at 640 pixels x 480 pixels and drag it into the middle bin of the window.

4 - Click on the theme title box and delete it.

5 - Click on the Media button at the bottom and then on the appropriate media in the next window, i.e. Photos or Movies. For this example we'll be adding a movie that was exported out of iMovie to the Media Browser via the Export ➙ Media Browser menu option in iMovie.

6 - Go to the Buttons section and select Text as the button type for the movie.

7 - Bring up the Button Info pane and set the text color to black so it does not show in the window:
8 - Bring up the Menu Info pane and set the highlight color to black.

8 - Now the menu window of the project will be totally black.  Next click on the Map button to bring up the Map mode.
9 - Drag the movie into the blue Auto Start bin at the left.  This sets the DVD to automatically begin playing that movie as soon as the DVD is inserted into the DVD player. 
10 - When the movie finishes playing the blank window will come up and appear as if there were nothing on the screen.

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