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Old Toad's Tutorials
No. iP04
Increasing the DPI Resolution of the Save-PDF-
to-iPhoto Automator Workflow Print Option
The following will describe how to edit the Save PDF to iPhoto Automator workflow to a higher resolution so that the resulting jpgs will be better suited for use in iPhoto's books and printing.

1 - Go to the HD/Library/PDF Services folder and copy the Save PDF to iPhoto.workflow file to the Desktop.

2 - Drag the file onto the Automator icon in the Dock (or in the Applications folder) to open it with Automator.

3 - In the Render PDF Pages as Images section change the resolution for 200 to 300 dots per inch.

4 - Save the workflow as Save PDF to iPhoto 300.workflow.

5 - Place the new workflow into the HD/Library/PDF Services folder.

6 - Now when you go to save to iPhoto you'll see these options:.

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