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Creating an iDVD slideshow from an iPhoto 9 Book
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The following describes a workflow for creating an iDVD slideshow, with music, of the pages of a book you’ve created in iPhoto. It makes a great gift to give along with the book. Many viewers can view the book at the same time. Once you have the book organization complete start the following process:

1 - While in the book mode type Command-P to bring up the Print window. Then click on the PDF button and select the Save PDF to iPhoto option:

NOTE: If you don't have any of the Save PDF to iPhoto options go to Toad's Cellar and download these two files:

Save PDF to iPhoto 200 DPI.workflow.zip
Save PDF to iPhoto 300 DPI.workflow.zip
Unzip the files and place in the HD/Library/PDF Services folder and reboot.2 - This will start the Automator workflow which creates a JPEG version of each page of the PDF file and import them into a new album in iPhoto.


3 - Open iDVD and create your project and create a slideshow with the “+” button at the bottom of the window. 
4 - Open the  slideshow window, go to the Media/Photos pane and select iPhoto.
5 - Select the Album with the book photos and drag it into the slideshow pane at the left. 
6 - select the trasnition and iTunes tracks to use with the slideshow.
7 - Once you’ve completed building the slideshow with transitions and music in iDVD save the project as a disc image using the File->Save as Disk Image menu option.

This will let you preview the DVD project before committing it to disc by mounting the disk image on the desktop and playing it with DVD Player. If the project plays satisfactory with DVD Player there were no encoding issues. This separates any encoding problems from disc burning problems.

8 - Once you’re satisfied with the disc image burn it to disc with Disk Utility at the slowest speed possible to ensure the best burn.

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