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Printing an iPhoto Greeting Card
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iPhoto greeting cards are 7 inches x 5 inches in size requiring stock that’s 7 inches x 10 inches in size. When you attempt to print it on any size stock that’s greater than 7 x 10 you’ll get a considerable offset at each end due to the difference in size of the two and the print directions. If you use 7 x 10 stock you’ll get proper registration of the two sides but with a small white border on two or more sides since most printers do not support borderless 7 x 10 printing.

This method requires a 3rd part editor that can create a blank canvas that’s either letter size or A4 (for our European friends) and a printer that can print those sizes borderless.

Step 1: Creating Separate Files for the Two Sides of the Card
1 - While in the book mode type Command-P to bring up the Print window.

2 - After the card is assembled select Save PDF to iPhoto from the PDF menu.

3 - This will start the Automator workflow.

4 - And eventually bring up this window.

NOTE: Occasionally the window will not come to the front of the other windows (if you have multiple applications and windows open at the same time) so you’ll have to minimize the windows in order to see it.

5 - Either choose an existing album or create a new album to receive the jpeg files.

6 - The individual pages will be imported into the album of your choice.

7 - The individual pages will be imported into the album of your choice.

Step 2: Preparing A Composite Canvas with Both Sides of the Card
8 - Open the 3rd party image editor and create a letter sized canvas (8.5” x 11”) with a resolution of 200 dpi.

9 - Open the card’s photo side file with the editor and copy/paste it as a separate layer to the letter canvas an place in the upper left hand corner.

     Composite Image Layer 1

10 - Open the card’s text site file and copy/past into the canvas in the left hand corner.

      Composite Image Layer 2

NOTE: Since each side is a separate layer in the composite canvas they can be hidden in turn for printing.
Step 3: Printing the Card
11 - Hid Layer 2 in the composite image

12 - Set your printer up to print borderless 8.5 x 11 letter with the appropriate settings for paper and print quality.

13 - Place the letter sized card stock in the printer tray and print Layer 1.

14 - Flip the card stock over end-for-end and place back into the printer tray.

15 - Hide Layer 2 in the composite file and make Layer 1 visible.

16 - Print Layer 2.

17 - The resulting card stock will have both sides of the greeting card in proper registration for trimming with a paper cutter.

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