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Archiving an iPhoto 8 (or earlier) Book for Later Editing/Ordering
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Since Apple does not currently keep the pdf files of books ordered so that customers can order additional copies at a later date I’ve created this workflow as one way to save the book for editing and/or ordering another copy at a later date and avoid the possibility of the photos in it being altered or deleted or the entire book lost due to an iPhoto crash or database file corruption.

1 - Select your iPhoto Library package and type Command-D to duplicate it.

2 - Rename the duplicate package something like “Toad's Book Library”

3 - Launch iPhoto with the Option key depressed and, when asked, opt to locate a new library. Navigate to the book library and select it.

4 - In iPhoto open the Keyword pane (Control-K) and add a new keyword “Book”.

5 - Drag the Book keyword into the Quick Group window.

6 - Open the book, click on the Photo icon to display the photo tray at the top, select the first photo in the book, and double click on it to bring it into the edit window.

7 - Command-K to open the Keyword pane.
8 - Assign the Book keyword to the photo by hitting the “b” key and click on the next photo in the tray.

9 - Assign the Book keyword to that photo and click on next photo or click on the right arrow key to advance to the next photo. Repeat the process until all photos in the book have been assigned that keyword.

10 - Create a Smart Album with the criteria “Keyword is not Book”.

11 - All of the photos not in the book will now be in this Smart Album. Select all of them and type Command+Option+Delete to move them to iPhoto’s Trash bin and Command+Shift+Delete to empty the Trash bin.

NOTE: Some users have reported problems when trying to delete large numbers of photos at one time. You may want to consider deleting these photos in several small batches.
12 - When the excess photos are removed from the library close iPhoto and move the book library package to the Desktop.

13 - Burn the book library package to a CD from the Finder to create an archive of that library and delete that library from your hard drive.

14 - If you need to order another copy of that book mount the CD and copy the book library package to the Desktop.

15 - Launch iPhoto with the Option key depressed open the Book library.

16 - Order the book and when completed close iPhoto and burn the new library package to disk via the Finder.

For future books you might want to put all of the photos destined for the book into an Album first where you can easily batch add the Book keyword. That will make culling out the non book photos much easier and quicker.

Another possibility would be to use iPhoto Library Manager. With it you can create a new book library, name it appropriately and then copy the album with the book photos into it from your primary library.

Then open the new library and create your book. You can transfer over additional photos needed for the book by adding them to a new album in the original library and copying that album to the book library with iPLM. This will save having to make the duplicate, culling, etc.
NOTE 1: If iPhoto is upgraded to iPhoto 9 (11) the themes used in books made by the previous versions will not be available thus rendering the books in the archived library useable. To prevent that from happening go to your HD/Library/Application Support/iPhoto folder and copy the Themes folder to another location on your hard drive.

When/if you upgrade to iPhoto 11 first make a copy of your current iPhoto application and place it into a folder inside the Applications folder. I named that folder “iPhoto-Previous Versions”.

After upgrading to iPhoto 11 copy the Themes folder that you had saved earlier into your User/Library/Applications Support/iPhoto folder.

Now both iPhoto 11 and the earlier versions of iPhoto will have the themes they need.

NOTE 2:  This tutorial will not work with iPhoto 9 (11) as written.  Adding keywords to photos in books is slightly in the newer version. See Tutorial No. iP12 for iPhoto 9 (11).

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