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Converting All Grayscale Photos in
iPhoto Library to sRGB In Situ
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The following describes a workflow for converting all grayscale photos in an iPhoto 7 Library to RGB color mode without having to export or reimport any files. Grayscale mode files without any profile embedded are recognized by iPhoto. It’s the Grayscale mode files with the Dot Gain 20% profile that are the problem.
Be sure to backup your library beforehand

1. Download and run the demo version of Media Pro on your library following the first 7 steps of Tutorial #1. You can stop after Step 3 but by going on to Step 7 you can embed the keywords, titles and descriptions into the original file.

2. Enter the Thumbnail view, click on the Organize button at the top, go to the Catalog Fields pane, open the Color Profile section and click on Dot Gain 20%.

3. Type Command+A to select all of the Dot Gain 20% photos.

4. Go to the Action ➙ Convert Image Files menu.

5. In the next window select Format: JPEG.

and Size: Use image size

and JPEG Options: Color and Quality: Best

and Resolution: Use image resolution

and Options: all

and Files: Replace original files

6. Finally click on the Convert button. The formally grayscale images will be converted to RGB and the new files will replace the originals in the iPhoto Library with a RGB mode color file.

7. Go to the Action ➙ Manage Color Profiles... menu.

8. In the next window select Embed profile and select sRGB IEC61966-2.1 and click the OK button..

9. When the process is complete go back to the Catalog Fields section check that the sRGB IEC61966-2.1 profile is highlighted in blue when the files are selected in the Thumbnails window.

10. The final step is to rebuild the iPhoto Library by launching iPhoto with the Command+Option keys depressed and selecting the first three options.

11. After the rebuild is complete those grayscale photos will be displayed properly in the library.

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