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Creating Custom Page for an iPhoto Book
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This method describes how to create a custom page, in this example for text, for an iPhoto book with the theme's background.

1 - Add a blank page to the book and select the background color to use.

2 - Put that page as the second page in the book and do a Print to PDF/Save PDF to iPhoto for Page 2 to Page 2. The reason for putting the page in the number 2 position is that when the page is printed to PDF there will not be a page number on it.

3 - Drag the new file out of iPhoto to the Desktop.

4 - Open the background image with a 3rd party image editor capable of adding text to the image or Pages. I'm using Pages for this tutorial.

5 - Add the text to the image.

6 - When the text is complete do another Print to PDF/Save PDF to iPhoto. The completed text page, with the theme background, will be converted to a JPEG file and imported into iPhoto.

7 - Add the new file to the book project.

8 - Create a blank page where you want the text to go and select the Photo Background option from the Layout menu.

9 - Drag the new text page photo into the page.

10 - You will now have your custom text page in the book.

You can do the same with photos and text to create a custom cover like this:

If a 3rd party image editor is used all you need to do is save the finished file as a JPG and add it to iPhoto and the book.

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