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Using Web Site Maestro to Publish an iWeb Site to an FTP Server
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This workflow describes how to use Web Site Maestro in conjunction with iWeb to optimize and publish an iWeb site to a 3rd party FTP server. Much of the information came from Roddy McKay’s site, iWeb for Musicians (the Applications page), and his downloadable PDF file on using WMS with MMe which was my inspiration to create this tutorial. I’m more a visual person and wanted to create a workflow with screenshots to help me learn how to use WMS more effectively in the process.
Using WMS for the First Time
1 - first create a Sites folder, WSM Input, wherever you want to keep the site files that you publish and optimize. In that folder create subfolders for your site but do not name it the same as the site. For instance for my Demo_1 site I named the folder Demo 1 without the underscore. Otherwise WSM will balk at publishing to that folder.

2 - launch iWeb, set up the folder to publish to:

and publish your site to that folder.

3 - launch WSM and follow the directions to set up your internet connection and the account to upload the optimized site to.

4 - WMS will then make a copy of the originally published iWeb site and place it into a new folder, WSM Output. These copies are what WMS uses to compare with the latest published site which has been optimized in order to determine which files to upload if the Smart Handling option is selected.

5 - WMS will then optimize the site and place it in the WSM Output folder.

6 - next select the Entire folder radio button and Optimize and Upload from the menu and click on the Start button.

7 - WMS will then go thru the optimization process again and upload the site to your MobileMe account.

Making Changes to Your Site and Republishing
8 - select Optimize and Upload Web Files in the menu and hit the Start button. Check the Smart Handling checkbox so that only new or changed files are uploaded. Click on the File Size text until it changes to “Today”. That will optimize and upload only files created, modified today. If additional changes are made the same day, click on “Today” until it changes to “Time + Date”. Then only the latest files will be optimized and uploaded. This is desirable if multiple edits are made to a site in one day.

9 - to optimize and upload a second iWeb site first publish it to the Sites folder on your Mac. In WMS go the Configure menu and select Add Web Folder to Web Folder Menu...

10 - from there it’s the same as starting at Step 4 above.

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