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No. iW05
Adding a Graphical StatCounter to an
iWeb Page as an HTML Snippet
Old Toad's Tutorials
1 - go to StatCounter.com, register your site. Click on the Configure Counter button and then in the next window on the Customize Counter button.

2 - select Visible Counter and Graphical Counter:

3 - configure the graphical counter as desired setting the text and background colors, the text size and number of digits to display.

4 - if you’re transitioning from another counter, i.e. MobileMe/iWeb you can click on the Starting Count tab and set the Current Visits to that what the original counter is displaying.

5 - in the Installation and Configuration page click on the Create Blocking Cookie link. Then click on the button to create a blocking cookie on your Mac so that your visits are not counted.

6 - copy the generated code and save to a text file so that you can easily recover it if you need to republish the page and add the code again. This lets you bypass going to StatCounter and regenerating the code.

7 - open the page in iWeb you want to add the counter to, select HTML Snippet in the Web Widgets menu and add the code to the snippet box.

8 - size and place the snipped box where you want the counter to be displayed on the page.

9- publish the site.

10 - when you open the site in your bowser and go to the site the counter will be displayed as shown below regardless of the settings selected in StatCounter If you select an image counter then the color and style set at StatCounter will be displayed.

11 - if the page is republished you will not have to add the code again. It’s a one time addition to the page.

Some of the many features of StatCounter are a map showing the locations of visitors, visitors by country, browsers used, monitor resolutions and visitor information and can be seen in this screenshot.

NOTE: this counter will only reflect visits to the page it’s embedded into. You may have the same counter added to multiple pages and the counter display will represent all visits to all of those pages.

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