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Restoring iWeb Domain File(s) From Time Machine in Lion
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Since Apple is no longer supporting iWeb or iDVD changes have been made to Lion that makes it difficult to restore a Time Machine (TM) backup of an iWeb domain file, or any other folder/file that resided in it, that was backed up after Lion was installed. That is because the User(~)/Library folder has been rendered invisible by default and, as such, prevents the Library folder from showing up in TM or the Finder.

The Library folder can be made permanently visible by entering the following command into Terminal and hitting the Enter key:
chflags nohidden ~/Library. However, anytime disk permissions are repaired with Disk Utility you will have to repeat the Terminal command.

All TM backups done after Lion was installed without the Library folder being made visible will look like this in the Finder and TM:

      User Folder on boot drive

User Folder in TM via the Finder

However, one can use an application like iVisible to make all hidden files on the Mac temporarily visible. When run this is what you’ll see in both the Finder and Time Machine:

In this state the iWeb domain file can be restored either with the Finder or thru Time Machine.

If the Library folder is made permanently visible with the Terminal command restoring via Time Machine will be the same as it was in Snow Leopard.

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