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No. iW13
Moving iWeb Websites from MobileMe
to a New 3rd Party Hosting Site Server
Old Toad's Tutorials
I obtained an account on HostExcellence.com but this method can work with any 3rd party hosting service. This method employs the use of the free FTP client Cyberduck and assumes you have an account with a 3rd party website hosting service.

1 - mount your iDisk by going to the Finder’s Go menu and selecting iDisk ➙ My iDisk.

2 - Download and launch Cyberduck and select the Bookmark ➙ New Bookmark menu option.

3 - In the window that appears enter the relevant FTP information

4 - Close the window when done.

5 - Type Command+N to bring up a new browser window in Cyberduck.

6 - Double click on the server bookmark to begin the login process. You will see this window:

Click Continue (and the Don’t show again checkbox if so desired).

7 - You will then get this window of your root folder:

8 - Mount your iDisk and go to the iDisk/Web/Sites folder and move the window along side the Cyberduck window:

9 - Drag the iWeb websites folders from the iDisk/Web/Sites window into the Cyberduck window for your HE account’s root folder.

MobileMe Slideshows
WARNING: when the MobileMe servers are taken off line in June, 2012, the slideshow control buttons, left arrow, right arrow, play and pause, in the iWeb photo page and album popup slideshows which look like this:

will be lost and all you’ll see is this:

Tutorial #26 describes how to edit the iWPopUpSlideshow.js file which controls the popup slideshows so we can get those images back. Or you can replace them with one of the many javascript type of slideshows that are available and some of which are demonstrated in Old Toad’s Demo Sites.

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Re MMe Slideshows