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No. iW14
Modify the iWeb Application So That Popup Slideshows
will Play Correctly Now That MobileMe is Discontinued
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MobileMe was discontinued on June 30, 2012 and the servers were shut down a month later. When that occurred certain aspects of iWeb popup slideshows ceased to function correctly due to the fact that files required for correct functioning resided on the MobileMe servers and are not available when those servers were shut down.

Although the problem is only be cosmetic it makes the slideshow undesirable. Specifically it the control panel images: forward and back arrow buttons, pause and play buttons. They used to look like this:

When the MMe servers shut down the control panel looked like this:

There are 18 image files that are used in the popup slideshow. The resided on the MMe server at http://me.com/1/slideshow/imagers. Roddy McKay and I figured out how to obtain those files from the MMe server, put them on our server and modify a file inside the iWeb application so that they can be linked to for use by the slideshow. The basic files are:

The following describes where to place the files on the 3rd party server and how to modify iWeb so photo and album page slideshows will link to them.

1. download a zipped/compressed file containing the 37 files contained in two nested folders, slideshow/images, by clicking HERE.  

2. uncompress the file and you’ll get this:

3. upload the two nested folders to your server. I put it in the root folder of my account so that the URL would be http://domain_name.com/slideshow/images/ to the files. Wherever you put them know the URL to them on the server.

4. make a copy of the iWeb application as a precaution.

5. Control-click on the iWeb application package and select “Show Package Contents” from the contextual menu.

6. go to the iWeb/Contents/Resources/Scripts/Site folder and look for the file named iWPopUpSlideshow.js.

7. open the file with a text editor and replace this text string, baseURL="http://www.me.com/1/", with the URL to the slideshow folder on your server. It will look like this:

8. Replace the string http://www.me.com/1/slideshow/images/dragger.gif

with the URL to the slideshow folder on your server: URL TO YOUR SERVER/slideshow/images/dragger.gif

9. if you put the folder in the root folder of your account the URL would be


10. save the file and close the iWeb application package.

NOTE:  a copy of the file with the 2 areas requiring editing in all caps can be downloaded here: iWPopUpSlideshow.js
Now when you create a photo or album page the slideshow that is created will display the button images after the MobileMe servers are discontinued and taken offline.

For existing iWeb sites with popup slideshows you don’t need to republish the site with the modified application but can achieve the same results by locating the same iWPopUpSlideshow.js file in the Scripts folder of the published site and replace it with a copy of the edited file you added to the iWeb application..

To change the duration of the slides and transitions in the slideshow see Tutorial #iW15.

Thanks to Roddy McKay for his invaluable help in developing this tutorial.

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