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Using HostExcellence.com With iWeb
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With the discontinuation of MobileMe by Apple many of us will be scrambling to obtain a new hosting server for our websites. HE was recommended to me by Roddy McKay and after visiting the site and talking with their customer support I decided to go with them.

What sold me on HE, besides their affordable hosting packages which included free domain name registration, unlimited storage and bandwidth and multiple email addresses, is how they handled domain names. It is extremely iWeb friendly. For each domain name you get through HE a folder with same name as your domain name is created in your root account on their server for you to publish to. This is particularly iWeb friendly in that iWeb, when publishing to a FTP server, creates a folder with the site name to upload with the site files inside. Therefore, if you name your site the same as your domain name and publish to HE iWeb looks for the site folder on the server to upload the site files to. Since it already exists iWeb does not have to create one and just uploads the sites files into that folder. When you visit the domain name what you see in a browser is

Take for example my tutorial site oldtoadstutorials.net. HE created a folder named oldtoadstutorials.net in my root directory.

If you publish to an FTP host server, which uses folders named “public”, “_public” or something similar in your root directory, with iWeb the site folder containing the site’s files will be published into that folder.

This will result in the URL of your site being http://www.domain-name.com/Site-name/Page-name.html. Many users wish to get rid of the site name in the url. The only way to do that is to publish your site to a folder on your hard drive and us a 3rd party FTP client like Cyberduck to upload just the contents of the site folder to the server.

Additionally, if you obtain a domain name with your name or general name you can have multiple “subdomains”. For example my oldtoad.net domain name. If I publish a site into that folder the URL will be http://www.oldtoad.net/Site-name/Page-name.html. I’ve done that with my demonstration sites HelperSite, Demo_1, Demo_2, etc. The short URL of the first site is oldtoad.net/HelperSite. Enter that into a browser window and you’ll get taken to the first page of that site. No need to get a separate domain name for each of the many sites I have.

The following graphic is another way of explaining the sub domains with HE:

Note:  Recently HE has been shutting down some websites due to high CPU useage for the servers. That could pose a problem for those with websites that are very active with lots of hits per day. I've had no problem whatsoever but then my site(s) have low visit numbers. 

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