Old Toad's Tutorials

Old Toad's Tutorials
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◉ iW01- Under Construction
iW02 - Converting Photos w/Frames, Drop Shadows and/or Reflections into a Single Image File
◉ iW03 - Under Construction
iW04 - Using Web Site Maestro to Publish to an FTP Server
iW05 - Adding a Graphical StatCounter as an HTML Snippet to an iWeb Page
iW06 - Adding Google Maps to an iWeb Page
iW07 - Add a Link to the Navbar Without Adding a Page to the Site 
iW08 - Adding Movie/Video File to iWeb Page via Export for Web in Quicktime Player 7
iW09 - Managing an iWeb Site from Multiple Macs with Dropbox
iW10 - Restoring iWeb Domain File(s) From Time Machine in Lion
iW11 - Life After MobileMe
iW12 - Changing the Basic, Rollover and Visited Color of an iWeb Navbar
◉ iW13 - Under Construction
iW14 - Modify iWeb So Popup Slideshows Will Work Now that MobileMe Has Been Discontinued
iW15 - Changing Slide and Transition Timing in iWeb Photo and Album Popup Slideshows
iW16 - Using with iWeb

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